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Job [H]000


the revelation

of the [H]000 mission carried out in 2022 during the 10th edition of Le Mans Classic at the Hedonic stand

The story of a [re]creation

Room by room

Discover below the film presenting all the elements of the [H]000 mission which was created after 3 years of research and development.



The complete line of the car has been reworked thanks to a widening of the four fenders, a complete overhaul of the front and rear bumpers, the side sills and many other parts such as the spoiler, the diffuser or the targa arch.

And there was light

The targa roof

The roof, traditionally in opaque vinyl, was remanufactured in transparent PMMA thanks to an industrial partner in the aeronautics industry. This manufacturing required the use of several 3D scans of the environment hosting the roof, to model and create a negative mold allowing the thermoforming of the transparent part without excessive material deformation.



The instruments on board represent one of the most exceptional technological innovations of the vehicle. The traditional analog meters are replaced by digital screens whose design is made to measure for the vehicle. Here, the March Lab brand is signing a significant collaboration by offering a specific watch for the vehicle, the design of which is available on the on-board watch and all the other screens.



The car's light signage has been redesigned and modernized, in particular thanks to light lines highlighting the rear lights and forming a cross in the front lights. Once turned off, these lines form black crosses in the front lights reminiscent of legendary racing vehicles. In terms of sound, a Devialet Phantom speaker was installed at the end of the central aluminum tunnel. It provides a unique sound system in the vehicle.



A REINVENTED KEY USABLE REMOTELY: Specially for the car, a remote control type key has been developed to replace the mechanical key. Thanks to the complete 3D scan of the car, the shape of the remote control is an exact replica of the lines of the vehicle. A box to house the two keys has also been developed, also a replica of the lines of H000 which this time has retained its isometric construction lines.

380 HP 3.8L ENGINE : The original engine, initially 3.6L and 250 HP, is completely disassembled, prepared and reassembled with specific or new parts, with the aim of giving visual oxygen to the compartment. The result is a unique Hedonic engine with a racing type preparation offering a power of 375 HP for 3.8L. The choice of an engine with a historic RSR-type aesthetic is a nod to the Roaring Twenties of racing cars.

in woven mesh

The Targa hoop

The arch has been transformed by opening up its central part while leaving a full median band on its upper part reminiscent of the separation of the ventilation grille from the wing on the engine cover. The Hedonic Logo is integrated into the foot of the arch on either side. It consists of a 500 mm aluminum plate on which the Hedonic diamond logo is extruded in aluminum to a thickness of 2 mm. A brushed finish and Type II anodizing is then applied to the part. A braided mesh insert is fitted in the recessed part of the rollbar, highlighting this emblematic part of the car and creating a reminder with the many other elements of the car (front bumper, spoiler, interior strip, etc. )

in aluminum foil

The front trunk

A front trunk cladding made from 4 hand-formed aluminum sheets is integrated into the vehicle. The lower panel is removable to access the old spare wheel housing where various safety accessories as well as part of the electrical circuit components are located.


The fuel filler flap is designed specifically by taking up the curve of the front wing on the driver's side. It consists of a metal strapping and an exclusive lockable tank cap. It is inspired by the hatch present on the Porsche speedster 70th anniversary concept car.

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