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Land of [re]creation: The Defender by Hedonic

As part of our concept of [re]creation, we reinvent many vehicle elements, produced using manual know-how, which make the vehicle absolutely unique.

The grille and its adjacent grilles

Each vehicle has an aluminum grille hand-produced by our sheet metal worker. All of the adjacent grilles, on the bonnet and the front fenders, benefit from the same treatment.

The upholstery

The upholstery of the seats of our vehicles has been completely revised, offering an exclusive design, another characteristic of the Hedonic signature. The material used has been designed to withstand everyday use of the vehicle, especially by the sea.

The rear bay

The entire rear bay has been redesigned to offer an adventurous universe with a touch of luxury.

The wheel

The centerpiece of any vehicle, the Hedonic steering wheel fits perfectly into the appearance of the vehicle. The braided mesh of the central hubs recalls that of the grille and its adjacent grilles.

Endless Possibilities
Many other elements can be the subject of a tailor-made treatment, in particular the body colors. Contact our teams at to initiate a tailor-made [re]creation process.