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Land of [re]creation

Through this department we revive these iconic vehicles that are the Land Rover Defender and Series by restoring them to competition condition and adding numerous touches creating a familiar and unique aesthetic.

The restoration, of unparalleled quality, includes the refurbishment of the bodywork and chassis, the replacement of wearing parts and the verification of all other mechanical elements.

Thanks to these numerous modifications combining advanced aesthetic research, exceptional hand-worked materials and cutting-edge developments, our vehicles become absolutely unique.

They thus combine the charm of a period vehicle with a modern aspect in terms of their driving, becoming a symbol of freedom, versatility and simplicity.

the trademark


The elements of the Hedonic signature are characterized by an aesthetic research consisting of drawing from the heritage of these old vehicles symbols that we reinterpret with touches of modernity and stylistic codes that are our own. Our creations thus convey these mythical elements through time, making them timeless.

Naturally, we resort to the use of artisanal know-how, particularly regarding metalworking and saddlery, and the use of noble materials. The woods then mix with numerous reminders of aluminum and other finely researched materials.



Our three different

vehicle sections

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Defender v8

Land Rover V8s represent the high-end section of our department. These vehicles from the 90s are restored to perfection, modernized and feature the most advanced aesthetic research. They are the only ones to have the optional “Black Pack” treatment.

Modern and ancient

Defender TD

Land Rover TDs are vehicles from the 2000s restored to perfection and redesigned with Hedonic signature elements. These are modern vehicles which have all the technologies to be easily used on a daily basis (power steering, ABS braking, etc.).

the origin

Land Rover series

The Land Rover Serie II and III are authentic vehicles from the 60s and 70s that we restore with the know-how and quality that characterize us. They can be upgraded with options like power steering.

The different types of


We offer different types of bodywork both in terms of vehicle dimensions (90 or 110) and body layout (closed, convertible, crew cab or open)

Models 90

Our 3-door vehicles with 2 or 3 seats at the front (optional) and at the rear a wooden bay with extra bench seats (2 additional seats available on certain closed models)

90 Convertible


Models 110

Our 5-door vehicles with 5 seats and a wooden bay at the rear with extra bench seats (additional seats optional on certain models)

110 Convertible

Crew cab version


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Luxury meets adventure

with the defenders [re]created by Hedonic

A selection of photos where nature frames our vehicles, which not only blend into the decor, but stand out as an essential element of the landscape: the meeting of luxury and adventure

wild place

Saint Tropez

wild place

Saint Tropez




Chalet Zannier

The point

Cap Ferret

The point

Cap Ferret

Customer information

Hedonic is not an automobile manufacturer or dealer, and is in no way affiliated with Land Rover or any other Land Rover brand or company.