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New, reinvented and homologated vehicles

Our [re]creation process also extends to the most iconic motorcycle brands. The vehicles, starting from new Triumph and Harley Davidson bases, are completely reinvented from their bare chassis. Following these numerous transformations, the vehicles are again presented for approval to UTAC.

Our different models

This scrambler, with its unique character, is synonymous with freedom. Fitted with all-terrain tires, a raised exhaust and a large handlebar, it is strong in its ability to go from asphalt to wide open spaces. Neo is the reflection of this versatile motorcycle, both urban, thanks to an upright riding position, and capable of taking you to the end of the world without running out of steam. More than a dozen creations have been made on this date.


Between vintage and neo-retro, its comic book character, the styles intermingle and merge. Based on this observation, Amazing offers a free interpretation, racer-inspired. Amazing is a purely Hedonic model taken from the imagination of our design teams.


The only motorcycle in the range made on a Harley base, Stardust is the bad boy of the line with its single arm, its wide rims, its saddle decorated with graffiti and its skateboard deck.


The elements of the Hedonic signature

As part of our concept of [re]creation, we reinvent from new vehicles many technical elements, produced using manual know-how, which make our motorcycles absolutely unique.

  • Turbine exhausts
  • Illuminated rev counter integrated into the tank
  • Black cross LED headlights
  • Manual aluminum work
  • Saddlery
  • Commodity integrated into the handlebar.

The original exhausts are replaced by a custom-built turbine system for our motorcycles. These systems have the unique feature of having a rotating part actuated by the movement of gases.


The tachometer is concealed within the fuel tank in the form of an LED strip which, as the engine revs up, lights up in concert with the engine sound.

Illuminated tank tachometer

The black LED cross is reminiscent of the black tape applied to the front lights of vintage racing motorcycles

LED cross headlights

Fairing modifications and mechanical adjustments are made almost exclusively of aluminum with hand-formed parts. These are unique pieces

Manual aluminum work

Each saddle is unique, made in collaboration with various artists. The saddle, redesigned, is often adorned with shaped leather covering matching the tank, in harmony with the bodywork.


The handlebar is an original creation, refined as possible, it integrates technical elements and is supported by a fork crown cut in the mass. The minimalist controls are concealed and integrated within the handlebar itself.

Integrated handlebar controls

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