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911 [re]creation


The recreational aspect of this activity is carried as much by the immersive journey in which the customer takes part during the rebirth of their vehicle, as by the pleasure obtained during the completion of this process and the driving of this tailor-made vehicle.


The concept

911 [re]creation

911 [re]creation missions are unique projects which consist of custom reinventing a vehicle based on a Porsche 911 type 964. Each client is unique, each mission will be.

The machines are completely redesigned in our design studio with the customer. Everything is reinvented, from the shapes of the bodywork to the on-board electronics, including the mechanics and motorization, the lighting signature and the upholstery. They are then recreated from their bare frames.

On an aesthetic level, the research consists of drawing on the heritage of these 911s with the emblematic lines of symbols that we merge with our own stylistic codes and cutting-edge technologies. Our creations thus convey mythical elements and modern innovations over time, making them timeless. They recall the past while being part of the future.

A concept based on

Three pillars

Art crafts

French crafts

Most of the structural parts integrated into the project, both the bodywork modifications (wings, front bumper, diffuser, etc.) and the interior parts (central tunnel, dashboard, etc.) are made exclusively by hand in aluminum by our master trainer, goldsmith. The same goes for saddlery work.

We chose French craftsmanship and artistic crafts for their exceptional know-how and the unique character of their work. We wanted to highlight and perpetuate this sector which contributes to the influence of French excellence internationally.



Each mission integrates extremely modern and even futuristic technologies made possible thanks to the development of a modernized electronic electrical architecture (microprocessors, motherboards, harnesses, screens, etc.).

Thus each mission is equipped with a digital dashboard with a design tailor-made for each customer replacing the traditional analog meters, a remote control type key allowing the vehicle to be started remotely which replaces the traditional mechanical key or an on-board computer with Apple Car Play .

We also develop many unique pieces thanks to our technologies and partners, like our transparent targa roof made in partnership with an aeronautics manufacturer.

the development of

Unique collaborations

Our brand and our projects are part of an art of living broader than the automobile sector. Also, for each mission, exclusive collaborations are integrated with brands that are dear to the client and which have accompanied them throughout their life.

Thus Philippe Starck designed the steering wheel for the first mission [H]000 and Leica published a unique model of its famous Q3 with a Fusch rim type wheel. An exclusive March Lab watch model from which was also created, from which the entire digital dashboard was declined. The possibilities are limitless.

the three different

Body types

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ultimate chic

The Targa

A legendary model within the 911 range and the ultimate distinction among automobile bodies, the Targa is characterized by its removable convertible roof combined with a roll bar. It offers an open-top driving experience while maintaining a rigid body structure.

The ultimate experience

The Speedster

Iconic bodywork of the Porsche brand, it is characterized by a lowered silhouette and a shortened and inclined windshield, giving the car a sporty and retro appearance. Favoring lightness and purity of handling, these models are performance-oriented, offering an intense driving experience and a distinct aesthetic that recalls Porsche's sporting heritage.


The Coupe

With its distinct and recognizable silhouette, the coupe body offers a perfect combination of timeless elegance and sporty performance. The silhouette features a fixed roof and a contoured roofline that extends fluidly rearwards or integrates a fixed spoiler, creating a dynamic and sporty aesthetic.


The process

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3D & virtual reality


The design phase involves several creative workshops during which aesthetic or innovative proposals come from both our teams and the client.

This phase is mainly based on the cutting-edge technologies of the Hedonic studio (3D configurator and virtual reality) which make it possible to visualize the different proposals in an ultra-realistic manner. All means are implemented to allow the customer to make the most informed choices possible.


The aluminum body

Once the hull has been treated and the alignments made, the complete line of the car is reworked thanks to a widening of the four wings, a complete redesign of the front and rear bumpers, the rocker panels and many other parts such as the fin, the diffuser or even the rollbar. All of these modifications are made exclusively with hand-formed aluminum parts. Goldsmithing.


and mechanics

The original engine, initially 3.6L and 250 HP, is completely dismantled, prepared and reassembled with specific or new parts, with the aim of giving visual oxygen to the compartment.

The result is a unique Hedonic engine with a preparation that can be racing type or not, offering a power of up to 380 hp.

The preparation of the rest of the mechanical elements of the vehicle (reinforcement of the chassis, modification of the braking system, suspensions, transmission elements, etc.) is done according to the specifics of the order.

a symphony

Light and sound

The car's light signage has been redesigned and modernized, notably thanks to light lines highlighting the rear lights and forming a floating cross in the front lights.

In terms of sound, a specific system can be installed in various locations, such as at the end of the central aluminum tunnel or in the Speedster bumps. It will provide a unique sound system in the vehicle.

Developments and

on-board electronics

Thanks to the development of a modernized electronic electrical architecture (microprocessors, motherboards, harnesses, screens, etc.), numerous tailor-made on-board equipment is installed such as a touch screen with Apple Car play and a remote control allowing you to start engine.

The design of the onboard instrument programs is tailor-made for each customer so that the atmosphere of the dashboard exudes a unique spirit that reflects their image.

saddlery and

The passenger compartment

Saddlery work, traditionally manual, is carried out down to the smallest detail. The interior is completely revisited according to the customer's wishes, from the dashboard to the door panels to the original seats, which are completely redesigned and transformed.

The steering wheel is also completely redesigned and cut from a block of aluminum, sitting alongside modern on-board equipment.

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Luxury meets sportiness

with the 911 Targa [re]created by Hedonic

A selection of photos from the [H]000 Targa mission, kindly made available by the client, where the environment frames this creation which does not just blend into the decor, but stands out as an essential element of the landscape .




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Saint Tropez


Customer information

Hedonic is not an automobile manufacturer or dealer, and is in no way affiliated with Porsche or any other brand or company in the Porsche group