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Land of [re]creation : The Defender

Land of [re]creation: The Defender

As part of our concept of [re]creation applied to vehicles, we offer Land Rovers (Series or Defender) restored and reinvented in the philosophy of our brand.

Land of [re]creation: list of Defenders available for sale


The restoration, of unparalleled quality, includes refurbishing the bodywork, replacing wear parts and checking all the other mechanical elements. The exceptional is the hallmark of our company.


As part of our [re]creation concept, we are using our expertise and know-how from our Porsche department to reinvent another iconic vehicle: the Land Rover Defender or Series.

Thanks to these numerous modifications combining advanced aesthetic research, exceptional materials worked by hand and cutting-edge developments, our vehicles have become absolutely unique.

Color combinations and doors

The support for the choice of color combinations is based on internal research to determine the combinations most suited to the lines and spirit of these emblematic vehicles. We are also re-adapting the mythical doors with riveted handles of the Serie 2 on the Defender models to bring these vehicles back a little more in the past.

The grille and its adjacent grilles

Each vehicle has a braided mesh grille with an aluminum frame produced by hand by our master trainer. All of the adjacent grilles, on the engine cover and the wing benefit from the same treatment

Chassis modifications

All the structural elements on the belt of the vehicle are rebuilt in galvanized steel, forming additional reminders with the aluminum elements. 

For hood models, the rear hoop is replaced by a reinforced galvanized hoop of larger diameter for more safety. The upper structure of the vehicle on the 110 models is completely rebuilt to be able to fit a tarpaulin on these originally "pick-up" models.

The upholstery

The upholstery of the seats of our vehicles has been completely revised, offering an exclusive design, another characteristic of the Hedonic signature. The material used has been designed to withstand everyday use of the vehicle, especially by the sea.

The rear bay

The rear deck has been revisited, offering a wooden floor engraved with the Hedonic logo reminiscent of the teak of the boat deck, a strapped spare wheel affirming the chic adventurer side and emergency seats.

The wheel

The Hedonic steering wheel blends in perfectly with the physiognomy of the vehicle. The braided mesh of the central hubs recalls that of the grille and its adjacent grilles.

Endless Possibilities
Many other elements are subject to tailor-made treatment, in particular adaptations to specific activities. Contact our teams at to initiate a tailor-made [re]creation process.